The Top 28 Grant Cardone Quotes That Will Motivate and Inspire You To Excel At 10x Levels

Grant Cardone is an awesome guy.

He started off broke and learnt how to sell and failed miserably. He eventually kept building his skills in sales by selling cars and became really good at it while he was growing up.

Today he owns his own private jet, he has a company called Cardone Acquisitions worth over 500 million, teaches millions of people around the world and produces some of the best educational products out there in the market.

If you read through his material and study his courses, you’ll quickly learn that he’s credible and teaches from a very down to earth style.

Most speakers, authors and “gurus” tend to talk a lot of theory, in order to get rich, you’ll focus on just attracting it into your life but they miss out on the most important part of the formula – action!

Even some of the most motivational speakers out there, they get you motivated and pumped up, hands in the air and massaging each other’s shoulders, but when you walk out of the seminar, you’re still back to square one who don’t have the skills to close sales.

10 years of personal development

After over 10 years of studying personal development, I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m more selective of who I listen to and take advice from. I’ve made so many mistakes in my past simply because I learned from the wrong person even though they were nice and sincere.

I’m here to tell you that Grant Cardone is the real deal. If you want to learn from someone who walks the talk, who has the financial proof (which is one of the things he teaches you in his wealth course) and has a no bull shit approach, learn from this man.

In this post, I would like to share with you some of the most amazing quotes delivered by Mr Grant Cardone, some life changing and mind altering that will get you thinking from a different point of view.

Here are the Top 28 quotes from Grant Cardone aka Uncle G.

“Don’t waste time this weekend complaining on Facebook about things you cannot control. Spend that time building your future. Build up your power in this world so that one day you can make a REAL difference. Get your financial house in order. Get your emotional house in order. Get your spiritual house in order. Get your neighbourhood in order. Don’t sit behind a keyboard and waste time hating on others. Take control of your own life and be responsible for the world around you.”


“Don’t be a little bitch, champions dominate!”


“10x your life.”


“Success is your duty”


“Income is king”


“Always advance and conquer”


“Despite what anyone tells you, it is impossible to get rich without income. #truth”


“Wealth is a more of a game of playing offence instead of defence”


“Don’t be the big shot this weekend pissing away your money covering drinks you can’t afford, buying bottles, hanging in the VIP when you go home and eat Ramen – quit wasting your money, build up your wealth BUY THE WHOLE CLUB – then you own the VIP.”


“Follow the money. You need to find an opportunity where you have the ability to raise your income. You can’t save your way to a million dollars in todays’ environment, you need income. Find a vehicle (job) where there is the possibility to produce incomes north of 100k.”


“You haven’t seen me at the club? I haven’t seen you at the bank.”


“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”


“True wealth is not created by saving, it is created by expanding and investing. By increasing your production in every area, phone-calls emails, social media presence, personal visits, speaking engagements, teleconferences, webinars, seminars and the like you will increase your income and have more money to invest!”


“Thank you to everyone who is on the path to bettering their life – I hope you have a massive weekend of success.”


“If you don’t create on the life you want, you will get a life you don’t want.”


“There is no shortage of money in this world. Start hustling.”


“You can make money by accident but you won’t get wealthy by accident.”


“Time to get up and conquer the world.”


“Who’s got my money.”


“If you’re not first, you’re last!”


“Be obsessed or be average.”


“If you have attention on your problems, your goals aren’t big enough.”


“I will never apologise for wanting to get my financials stable, secure, even indestructible.”


“Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.”


“If you don’t control your environment someone else will.”


“Get in rich mode or live life in bitch mode.”


“Be known for your work ethic, not the trinkets that you buy.”


“My ‘overnight’ success has taken: 32 years, 700 interviews, 11,000 + unpaid speaking gigs, 2,000 paid speaking gigs, 3,000,000 air miles, 5 PR firms, 5 partnerships, 5,000 newsletters, 3,200 videos, 1,000 articles, 150,000+ social media posts, unmeasurable amounts of criticism and ridicule.”


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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he's not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa's work at

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