The Top Quotes from Jay Z

Jay Z is not only one of the most timeless rappers but he’s incredibly smart in how he built his multi million dollar empire. Most rappers would splurge all their cash on clubs and hoes. But with Jay Z, he successfully surrounded himself with trusted advisors and he continued to accumulate assets which protected him against challenges in his career.

Below are some great quotes from Jay Z. Enjoy.

I’m a mirror. If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you, and the exchange starts. What you see is what you reflect. If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve done something. If I’m standoffish, that’s because you are. Jay-Z


Excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over again. You can hit a half-court shot once. That’s just the luck of the draw. If you consistently do it… that’s excellence. Jay-Z


No, I’m not interested in politics. I have zero interest. I have interest in hope and people. Jay-Z


I listen to everything – from Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette all the way down to rap like Scarface, UGK and Lauryn Hill. Jay-Z


I was never a worker. And that’s not even being arrogant. I was just never a worker. Jay-Z


My first album didn’t come out until I was 26. Jay-Z


I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can. Jay-Z


People really feel like music is free but will pay $6 for water. You can drink water free out of the tap, and it’s good water. But they’re OK paying for it. Jay-Z


The average rap life is two or three albums. You’re lucky to get to your second album in rap! Jay-Z


The challenge is to get everyone to respect music again, to recognize its value. Jay-Z


I don’t think any rapper can go back. You can be a car salesman, a bank teller – I mean, really good jobs, and people are still gonna look at you and be like, ‘You used to rap; what happened?’ Jay-Z

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