The Top Quotes from ATB – Andre Tanneberger

ATB remains one of the legendary DJs in the world of trance. I remember listening to him when I was in my uni years. Thank you ATB for making my uni years less shitty.

Below are some great quotes from ATB. Enjoy.

You really are my ecstasy. A real life fantasy. 


Till I come


I’m in love with the DJ

Do you know

Play my song Mr. DJ


These days are mine 

And I’m gonna take it slow 

Like the peaceful waters flow 

I’ll make it up as I go 

That’s all I really know 

So let’s take the long way home


When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But, when you are sad you understand the lyrics


Don’t Don’t Don’t

It’s the real sound


I want to start anew,

Never saying I’ll make do

You’ve won me over again with your loving tone

I want to start anew,

We were never really through

Can’t believe that you are here with me


Every cloud in the sky

Every place that I hide

Tell me that I,

I was wrong to let u go


Every sounds that I hear

Every thoughts that I feel

Tell me that I,

I was wrong to let u go


The Summer is here you wanna feel somebody


Every dream that had been shattered

Disappears without a trace

Now that I’ve found what really matters, yeah

After you had gone away

Even though you had been doing well

Don’t you hide behind a smile 

And just believe in me

Believe in me

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