The Top Inspirational Quotes From The Movie Bright

I recently watched the movie Bright and it was simply awesome. I really like the entire storyline and the way it was filmed. Will Smith did a great job in the movie, not only staring but producing it.

Below are some great quotes from the movie. Enjoy.

You Have to Secure It. Kandomere: The magic wand, you have to secure it. Of course when there is a magic wand, everyone wants it, including the bad guys.

Daryl Ward: Everybody’s just trying to get along and have a good life. All of the races are different. Just cause they’re different doesn’t mean anybody is better or worse than anybody.

Brown: Hey, where’s the diversity hire?

Daryl Ward: I got a dude in my car. I didn’t ask for it but the whole world is watching. 

Nick Jakoby: We might be in a prophecy.

Daryl Ward: We’re not in a prophecy. We’re in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

Nick Jakoby: This is like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes.

Officer: That’s whatever you want. You want to be taller or shorter, you want 10 million dollars.

Daryl Ward: You’re not stealing that wand. 

Neighbor: Yo, that Fairy been all up in my crib, eating up my dog food and shit. I’m about to call the city, man.

Daryl Ward: I *am* the city. All right? You save your dime. Fairy lives don’t matter today.

Dorghu: You know how you know if you’re a Bright? When you touch a Wand… with your bare hand… and don’t explode. Would you do that?

Daryl Ward: Drive it like you stole it!

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