The Top Inspirational Quotes From the Book Guide To Investing by Robert Kiyosaki

As you know, Robert Kiyosaki has written some of the most timeless books in personal finance. With his Rich Dad Poor Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki has also written an awesome book called “Guide To Investing”.

Below are some great quotes from the book. Enjoy.

“He said it was better to work years at creating an asset rather than to spend your life working hard for money to create someone else’s asset.” 

― Robert T. Kiyosaki

“As Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

― Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Your brain can be your most powerful asset. But if not used properly, it can be your most powerful liability.” 

― Robert T. Kiyosaki

“I think of money only as a medium of exchange. In reality, money by itself has very little value. So as soon as I have money, I want to exchange it for something of real value. The irony is that many people who cling desperately to money spend that money on things of very little value—and that is why they are poor.” 

― Robert T. Kiyosaki

“The number-one control you must have to be an investor is control over yourself. If you cannot control yourself, the highs and lows of the market will run you, and you will lose during one of those ups or downs.” 

― Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Here’s the dirty little secret: Fiat currency is designed to lose value. Its very purpose is to confiscate your wealth and transfer it to the government. Each time the government prints a new dollar and spends it, the government gets the full purchasing power of that dollar.” 

― Michael Maloney

“Money is just an idea.”

“Excuses cost a dime and that’s why the poor could afford a lot of it.”

People without financial knowledge, who take advice from financial experts are like lemmings simply following their leader. They race for the cliff and leap into the ocean of financial uncertainty, hoping to swim to the other side.”

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