The Top Inspirational Quotes From Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is one of my favourite singers. She has created great songs that seem to be timeless and melodic.

Below are some great inspirational quotes from Lana Del Rey. Enjoy.

Loving me is all you need to feel.

He used to call me DN, that stood for deadly nightshade.

My eyes are wide like cherry pies.

Um, do you think you’ll buy me lots of diamonds?

Every now and then the stars align, boy and girl meet by the great design.

I believe nothing happens by mistake. You know, the universe has a divine plan. That sounds dramatic. Lana Del Rey

I used to wonder if it was God’s plan that I should be alone for so much of my life. But I found peace. I found happiness within people and the world. Lana Del Rey

My dancing is Hawaiian-inspired but I also get a little fresh when it comes to my faster songs. Lana Del Rey

When I walk outside, people have something to say about it. Lana Del Rey

I’m personally more struck by visual things more than musical. Lana Del Rey

I made that first record in 2008, alongside the EP, but my label at the time waited three years to release it. They thought maybe someone bigger would buy it, but they didn’t, so in the end they just released it themselves. Lana Del Rey

Be like snow – cold, but beautiful.

Lana Del Rey

It’s about a singer who first sneered about my allegedly not authentic style but later she stole and copied it. And now she’s acting like I am the art project and she the true super artist. My God and people actually believe her, she’s successful! I shouldn’t continue ranting, it doesn’t get anywhere.

Lana Del Rey

Everything I do, I do it for somebody I’ve never met before, something in the great beyond. That’s my primary relationship, really, is with something divine. I feel a connection as real with that as I’ve ever had with anybody on this earth.

Lana Del Rey

When I was younger I felt lonely. In terms of my thought processes. I had the constant feeling that I thought differently to everyone around me. So, I suppose I felt lonely for a home. I didn’t know where I wanted to be, but I knew I wasn’t there yet.

Lana Del Rey

When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of a philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal.

Lana Del Rey

I pretend I’m not hurt, I walk about the world like I’m having fun.Lana Del Rey

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