The Top Inspirational Quotes From Jet Li

Jet Li is a legendary actor based in China. He’s stared in many movies such as Hero, Lethal Weapon and much more. Below are some inspirational quotes from Jet Li. Enjoy.

I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.

This film ’Hero’ talks about the peace of Chinese people.

I spend more time learning about Buddhism than English, which is why my English today is still bad.

I never stopped studying Buddhism. In the past few years, in between movies, I do a retreat.

Every President that went to China, I would meet them and have dinner and talk about the past and the future. That was in the ’70s.

You can beat me up, but don’t touch my hair, I will kill you! Jet Li

I think ‘Hero’ is not a real martial arts movie; it is not about violence, or formula. Jet Li

Love is more powerful than kicking ass. Jet Li

Jackie Chan is a very good comedy/martial arts star. He does one kind of martial arts that Jet Li doesn’t know how to do, and Jet Li does a martial art that Jackie Chan doesn’t know how to do. Jet Li

Zhang is a friend of mine: he said forget about acting and just do normal things in the movie. Jet Li

Zhang Yimou is one of the best directors on mainland China. Jet Li

I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. Jet Li

Working on a film, the setup for an action sequence takes a long time, and we need to shoot the scene many times to get different angles. Jet Li

“Bruce Lee was very famous. I watched his movies and he is amazing. He is a martial arts master, his philosophy, his movement, both physically and mentally, were very strong.”
– Jet Li

“Failure is a fuel for excuses.”
– Jet Li

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