The Top Inspirational Quotes From Eddie Murphy

I’m a big fan of Eddie Murphy. Particularly his show “Delerious” and “Raw”. I remember listening to his stand up shows many years ago and today I’m still screwing up his jokes in front of my friends.

Below are some funny quotes from Eddie Murphy. Enjoy.

“The next time the motherfucker call, tell him I said, “Suck *my* dick.” I don’t give a fuck. Whatever the fuck make the people laugh, say that shit. Do the people laugh when you say what you say?”

The advice I would give to someone is to not take anyone’s advice. Eddie Murphy

I’ve always had confidence. It came because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself. Eddie Murphy

I only want to do what I really want to do; otherwise, I’m content to sit here and play my guitar all day. Eddie Murphy

I’m in a position that allows me to do what I want to do, and I do it. Eddie Murphy

I don’t think more concentration is required for Robert De Niro to do what he does as for Jim Carrey to do what he does. Eddie Murphy

I’ve made 30 movies and for the most part my movies work. In a business where success is an exception and not the rule, I’ve mostly been successful. Eddie Murphy

As you get older, you get different, and I’m a mushier, softer person as I get older. Eddie Murphy

I’m kind of long in the tooth to fly in in a cape now, so I’d have to be, like, the voice of reason or somebody. ‘Don’t do that, super-fellow!’ Eddie Murphy

There’s a bunch of places in the world I haven’t been to, ’cause I can only be on a plane for a little bit. I’m like, ‘How long is it to get there? Two days on a plane? What? No.’ Eddie Murphy

If you interact with anyone, ultimately, all people are the same. However they’re dressed, when you’re in the house with a person, they’re going to be a regular human being. Eddie Murphy

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