The Importance of Protecting Your Energy

I came across a really inspiring Instagram quote today. It reads as follows.

To protect your energy…

It’s ok to cancel a commitment.

It’s okay to not answer that call.

It’s okay to change your mind.

It’s okay to want to be alone.

It’s okay to take a day off.

It’s okay to do nothing.

It’s okay to speak up.

It’s okay to let go.

There’s moments in life when people and events get you down. You could start the day off great, but then something happens, as it always does and it brings your energy down. You may get yelled at by your boss. A co-worker could do something that will piss you off. An event could occur that will bring your once positive energy to negative energy.

What most people would do is absorb this energy and make it all about them. However energy is transferred, never destroyed. So a person could carry negative energy and transfer it over to you simply by their actions (if you let them of course).

Hence the importance of protecting your energy. If you absorb someone’s negative energy, this will cause you to take action that will lead to negative results. Thus it’s important to learn how to protect your energy and also know when to do it.

I spent many years trying to fight through the negativity when my energy was absorbed. However overtime, I’ve learned the importance of protecting my energy because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re ever going through a tough time. If you feel that your energy is drained and you’re burning out. Give yourself permission to take time off and nurture yourself. Even if it means taking a day off from work. Most people would frown upon this but they don’t realise how important it is for you to recover and recharge.

If you burn out and feeling drained, you can’t do your job properly. If you can’t do your job properly, you’ll end up losing your job and it will cost you money. Hence it’s wise to protect yourself so that you can protect your finances.

I hope this article helps you in protecting yourself because you have to take care of the golden goose that lays the golden eggs.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he's not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa's work at

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