The George Clooney Up in the Air Wake Up Call Video

I watched an amazing video delivered by George Clooney in the TV series “Up in the Air”. This particular scene is so gravitating that George Clooney delivers the painful truth of what’s wrong with todays’ society.

Below is a transcript of the scene and also the video. Enjoy.



                          (A SUGGESTION)

           Perhaps you’re underestimating the

           positive effect your career transition

           may have on your children.


          Ryan looks at Natalie like she’s out of her mind.



           Positive effect?                         



           Well, tests have shown that

           children under moderate trauma have

           a tendency to apply themselves

           academically as a method of coping.



           Go fuck yourself. That’s what my

           kids’ll think.


          Natalie shrinks. Ryan immediately covers.



           Your children’s admiration is

           important to you?



           Yeah. It was.




           Well, I doubt they ever admired

           you, Bob.


          Bob looks up shocked and pissed.



           Hey asshole, aren’t you here to

           console me?



           I’m not a shrink, Bob. I’m a wake

           up call. You know why kids love




           Because they screw lingerie models.



           No, that’s why we love athletes.

           Kids love them because they follow

           their dreams.



           Yeah, well I can’t dunk.



           But you can cook.


          Natalie looks to Ryan – Where is he going with this?



           What are you talking about?




          Ryan picks up Bob’s resume.



           Your resume says you minored in

           French Culinary Arts. Most students

           work the frier at KFC. You bussed

           tables at Il Picatorre to support

           yourself. Then you got out of

           college and started working here.

           (looks up at Bob)

           How much did they first pay you to

           give up on your dreams?




           Twenty seven thousand a year.


                          RYAN           At what point were you going to
           stop and go back to what made you           happy?

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