The Skip Archimedes Interview on Health, Fitness and Vitality

Skip Archimedes is an international speaker and coach who trains thousands of people every year around the world on living a more empowered life of fulfilment, financial abundance, success, personal achievement, health and vitality.

He has worked alongside titans such as Tony Robbins, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Branson and more.

He has written several books and created online courses for people who want to transform their lives.

In this interview we will cover several ideas and topics such as:

  1. His origin story and how he got started in the world of fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  2. He mentioned that he once broke his back and doctors said that you couldn’t walk again. However he used the power of his mind to overcome this mental challenge and walk again after 6 months.
  3. His advice he would give to someone who wants to get into shape but can’t seem to motivate themselves and stick to it for life.
  4. His belief systems.
  5. His routine in increasing and maintaining your energy levels.
  6. His upcoming events.

Skip’s Upcoming Event in Manila

June 10 – SMX AURA Taguig City

June 14 – SMX Convention Centre , DAVAO

June 17 – Cebu Trade Hall , CEBU

To register 0995 281 3320 or visit the website

Ticket is only P500 for the whole day.



Below is the official press release:

U.K. Gymnastic Champion coming to Philippines to shares his health and wealth secrets 

MANILA, Tuesday. — For more than 10 years, Skip Archimedes from United Kingdom, a.k.a, ‘The Miracle Man’ has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide achieve the perfect life they have always wanted, and now he is coming to the Philippines to share his Supercharged Peak Performance system to revitalize their life. 

Skip is also the producer of the upcoming movie “Forever Young” where he has worked with 22 leading authors, doctors, and experts across the globe, who are already making a positive impact in the world today. Now he dedicates his life to help people overcome health, business and financial issues by sharing the benefits of living a life with optimum wealth, health and success.

Skip will be coming to the Philippines in June, to share his health and wealth blueprint through his 1-day intensive program in three cities — Manila, Davao and Cebu, to help participants take control of their career and business, and get more of what they want using techniques, strategies and resources, currently exclusive to his private clients. 

“Research shows that people around the world are hungry for four things: Money, Success, Health, and Happiness. You cannot have one without the other, as every action and result is interconnected, and having an abundant life starts with your health and well-being.

“I want to help people feel younger, live longer, and love doing what they love in life with purpose and passion, and how to attract more money, success, and energy into their life effortlessly,” he added.


Do you want to improve your mental focus, so that you can achieve your success and goals quicker? Do  do you want to regain a youthful body, by eliminating stress? Do you want to get your dreams unstuck, restore your health, acquire better relationships?

If so, then this is a great opportunity to unlock your full wealth potential, by taking the much needed action step to attend Skip’s 1-day Intensive Workshop.

During the workshop, Skip will share his proven, time-tested system on how to increase your HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY within just a few days, on how to take control of your life, business and career to greater heights – effortlessly. 

Skip’s ability to motivate, inspire and educate is truly remarkable, and this is also good opportunity to invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to join in the event, and be in the right space  to feel good, confident, and energized.

Here is the schedule of his 1-day intensive “Supercharge Your Life” event:

  1. 1. June 10 (Saturday), Manila – SMX Convention Centre Aura, Taguig
  2. 2. June 14 (Wednesday), Davao – SMX Convention Centre Davao
  3. 3. June 17 (Saturday), Cebu – Cebu Trade Hall


Skip started his career as a young gymnast, who overcame serious illnesses, a coma, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become a Gymnastic Champion. 

During a training session, Skip broke his back, and doctors and specialists said he would never be able to walk again. Unwilling to accept the answer, he went on a mission to find a cure, inspired by Bruce Lee. However, through the power of my mind, body and spirit, Skip miraculously took his first three steps in 6 months, and returned to full fitness within 18 months, and went on to become the English Sports Acrobatics Champion!

Today, he travels the world, and works alongside other thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Toni Robbins and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, to share his high performance system to bring people back on health and wealth track, with the power of belief to conquer any obstacles and challenges. 


Everyone can achieve a ton of personal productivity through energy and mental focus. Here are other benefits from attending the workshop:

  • Discover WHY 1000s of leaders and self-made millionaires around the world are being more productive, making more money, having more fun and enjoying more time freedom
  • Get clear on the most profitable wealth strategy you need to implement in order to rapidly earn more money.
  • Say GOODBYE to Aches and Pains… time-tested practices that you can use to eradicate many of those ailments that have held you back in life.
  • Why Most Of The Food People Eat Are Harming Your Body and Making You Age Faster! Some of these are even deceptively marketed to you as “healthy” by big food manufacturers.
  • Why Exercise Can lead to WEIGHT GAIN. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between fitness and health. Knowing this alone can supercharge your physical and mental energies. Fitness versus being healthy.
  • Why DIETING is Doing You DAMAGE. Dieting can be debilitating. Learn what you can do instead to enjoy the journey of living Forever Young. Making this change can save you years of pain and wasted effort.

And more…

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