Review of Facebook Ads Made Easy Seminar by Cham Tang

Tonight I attended a seminar held by Cham Tang titled Facebook Ads Made Easy. I’ve been going to seminars for over a decade, always learning and growing. I’ve also seen a usual seminar template, the speaker gets on stage, builds rapport with the audience, shows slides of their life story, gives a bit of teaser information and then sells you a $5,000 product marked down from $50,000 only for the first 17 people.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. However with Cham’s seminar, I must admit, this is one of the most unique seminars I’ve been to for I can really sense Cham’s honesty and authenticity in his talk. Yes he does offer you a product at the end (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but most importantly, he gives you a ton of great information you can apply even if you don’t buy the end product.

Cham Tang has also been responsible for generating over 6 million dollars worth of sales over the past few years purely through his digital marketing efforts. He is the co-founder at Authentic education and along the way, with a lot of challenges, he figured it out and now helping out his clients grow their business too.

Here’s a few of my notes and key takeaways from the seminar.

The 7 Keys To Digital Marketing

The first topic he covered was the 7 keys to digital marketing. They are:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • Meeting & Live
  • Content Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Word of Mouth

In this module, Cham talks about the powers of utilising various digital marketing efforts to grow your business. He mentioned that you have to use multiple methods of digital marketing and not just one method you like the most. Although I’ve used all of these methods, the only one that I found rather interesting was the “meetings and live” digital marketing method.

Meetup is the latest platform people are using to create quick meet up groups and workshops. With $80 per month, you can drive an audience to your workshop. Being a public speaker / trainer myself, I’m going to apply this one key marketing strategy and test the results myself.

Copy First, Create Later

One key takeaway from Cham’s seminar is that he said to “copy first, create later”. I really like this analogy for it means that we all tend to fall into the trap of analysis paralysis. If we fall for this trap, then we’ll never launch. Cham recommends to simply use what is working first, don’t bother trying to improve it, just copy it and go live with it.

Once you receive results, tweak it and refine it. Fast implementation is key.

Email value

Cham heavily recommended using email marketing and building an email list. I’m sure you’ve heard about this before and this one marketing principle has stood the test of time. A powerful concept Cham spoke about is that one email is worth $50. Obviously, the more emails you get, the more money you can potentially make.

Hungry crowd.

Another great analogy that Cham mentioned is that you don’t have to have the best food, you just need a hungry crowd. This is so true for many people spend 90% of their time trying to focus on making the best product but they only spend 10% of their time in marketing.

The most important part of a business owner is to focus on sales and marketing. Steve Jobs was a great marketer and he made Apple successful through his marketing powers, not just through product creation.

Fan System

Cham cover a great system called the FAN system which is a blueprint to marketing. The FAN system stands for “Finding your fans”, “Attract them and Ask”, “Nuture them”. It’s a great little method to follow to keep your marketing efforts focused.


Cham immediately started off providing great content in his seminar. I was expecting him to start off with 50 slides on his life story but I’m relieved he stuck to providing great value during his seminar. I found him to be absolutely authentic and honest with his talk which was the biggest differentiator and what sets him apart from the rest of the speakers I’ve seen out there.

I’m also impressed with his clear communication skills for he injects great humour in his talk making this a seminar entertaining, yet very informative.

No gimmicks, great content, must attend it, learn and apply Cham Tang’s teachings. Find out more by visiting Authentic Education here. 

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

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