The Mysteries Behind The Pineal Gland And How It Can Change Your Life

Last year I was browsing the internet and came across some random article on the pineal gland. I was curious to what this gland was for I’ve never heard of it. Apparently we all have this gland in between our eyes and is situated right in the middle of the brain. The penal gland is also known as the “third eye” and has been widely researched but been kept a secret for unknown reasons.

Upon my research, the Pineal Gland has the capacity to trigger serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which is the reward centre. It’s also been said that the penal gland tends to activate when we are in a dream state and also when we die. This could explain the reasons why we have vivid dreams and also see the afterlife if we experience an out of body experience and live to tell the tail.

Probably one of the most interesting reports on this penal gland is that it acts as a way to connect with a higher power and even entities. I know, it sounds too far fetched but hear be out.

There is a psychedelic drug called DMT which is said to change the brain. Under an MRI scan, while the person is tripping on DMT, the entire brain lights up and it seems to use all parts of the brain compared to the usual 10%.


When people take DMT, they report hearing a humming sound and then all of a sudden, they see polygons where colours and shapes. A few minutes later, they break through and see strange entities. These entities usually show things that are out of this world. I know I’m not doing any justice to describing this, I never taken DMT but from my research, it appears that you have to experience it yourself in order to know what they are talking about.

To find out more about this, look up “DMT Reports” and you’ll see a large number of videos who record themselves taking DMT and then describing their experiences. Also, please note I’m not advocating that you should take DMT or any drugs in particular, this is purely research I’ve done online which I’ve found intriguing.

Change Your Life

Many people have reported that when they have “activated” their pineal gland, they go on an experience they would never forget. They would say that their perception of the world has changed and can never look at things the same way again. One commonality amongst these DMT reports is that they all agree that it’s important to let go of ego, to love and that everything we know on planet earth is so insignificant. We should never worry about anything for everything we are experiencing is truly insignificant.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple said that taking LSD was one of the three most important things he did in his life. He said that it has really changed his thinking about everything which probably explains why he was such a great inventor.


The pineal gland remains one of the most amazing discoveries ever. It’s also a mystery to why it’s not widely known, perhaps the government is trying to cover it up for if everyone was activating their penal gland, no one would conform to the rules of society. Anyway, we can only continue learning about this.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

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