Insane Productivity by Darren Hardy Course Review and Summary

Darren Hardy was the publisher & editor of Success Magazine and the creator of Insane Productivity. He interviewed a countless number of people who achieved great success in their lives. If you want to hear credible advice from someone who teaches success, he fits the bill since being the face of Success Magazine isn’t something you can fake and get away with.

One of Darren’s all time passion is the study of productivity and how to achieve more out of your schedule therefore Darren released a sensational productivity course a few years ago titled “Insane Productivity”. This course covers over a decade of study into the secrets of attaining great productivity.

Insane Productivity Released

The course was initially released in 2014 and it was open to only 100 people. Unfortunately I missed out in purchasing the course so I added my name onto the waiting list and waited an entire year for the doors to open again so I can enrol into the course.

I’m glad I purchased the course when it was reopened and graduated a few months later.

This is by far one of the best productivity courses I’ve ever taken and I can see that Darren Hardy has put great effort into producing this course.

Most productivity courses will cover the basic generic tips such as turning off your phone, having your priorities and using a calendar etc. However with Insane Productivity, Darren goes deep into the foundation of productivity and he shares with you the best productivity secrets from Fortune 500 executive CEOs he’s interviewed in the past.

If you can get a glimpse of the routines and schedules of a Fortune 500 CEO, you’ll get it by learning from Insane Productivity. Imagine someone who has spent hundreds of hours getting infront of those high powered CEOS, interviewing them, getting their secrets and packing it all up into a great course. Darren has done this and the course investment fee is worth it.


At the time of opening, the Insane Productivity course was selling for only $997 but I managed to get a early bird discount. Considering the amount of time you’ll save and more you produce in taking this course, $997 is a no brainer since Darren is helping you manage your most important asset of your life – TIME.

Money can be gained back anytime, however you can never gain back time thus it’s a worthwhile decision to master the principles in Insane Productivity.

The Insane Productivity Course

The course is broken down into 12 modules and 6 video mentoring sessions. Darren also gives away Easter Eggs which contain great giveaways from personal development gurus and valuable material from his Success Library.

Here’s a list of things Darren gives away in his course.

  • Modules
  • Video Mentoring Sessions
  • Social Media Shared Pictures
  • Easter Eggs
  • Certification

Below is the list of topics covered in Insane Productivity.

The 12 Modules

Module 1 : Introduction

Module 2 : 4 Productivity Addictions

Module 3 : 4 Productivity Addictions Continued

Module 4 : 4 Productivity Addictions Continued

Module 5 : 4 Productivity Addictions Continued

Module 6 : Values

Module 7 : Strategic Breakthroughs for going BIG

Module 8 : Success Vitals

Module 9 : Massive Transformation Formula

Module 10 : Massive Transformation Formula Continued

Module 11 : Vital Improvements

Module 12 : Building Your Support System

The Video Mentoring Sessions

Video Session 1 : Social Media Management

Video Session 2 : Protect Your Mind

Video Session 3 : Managing Energy

Video Session 4 : The Chase

Video Session 5 : Big Rocks

Video Session 6 : Tools of Measurement

Bonuses : Easter Eggs

I found that the Video Mentoring Sessions were truly effective in retaining my learnings from the course. The videos were presented by Darren Hardy himself and were nicely recorded in front of a beach where he shares with you the key principles of productivity.

There is a lot to cover in this course, however from my personal experience, if anything is worthy of study and you know will make a true difference in your life, it’s worth mastering.

I would recommend going through this course several times per year until you’ve mastered all the concepts of it. There is no point in just going through the course once and leaving it. You have to really study and master this material because it will make a big difference in your output and save you a ton of time.

Big Regrets

One of the most scariest regrets people have in their lives is that they wish they achieved more in their lives and did the things they wanted to do. However their dreams were pushed aside because they were too busy with something. Social media, Facebook, wasted time, meaningless activities tend to creep up on your schedule and you “don’t have any time” to work on your goals.

Before you know it, you’re 80 looking back and realised you never published that book, you never travelled to Egypt, you never started that business etc.

With Insane Productivity, if you master the concepts in this course, you will master your time and at the end, that’s what life is made of, time.

Time is the most precious resource we have, we must guard it, protect it, maximise it and manage it at all cost if we want to achieve the life we deserve.

Check it out here : 

5/5 chainsaws for Insane Productivity.

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