How To Sell More By Using the AIDA Formula As Seen On Glen Garry Glen Ross

If you’ve watched the movie “Glen Garry Glen Ross” there is an amazing scene where Alec Baldwin who plays the high profile sales guy from down town and delivers one of the most amazing sales speeches ever. This speech has been used by sales managers and professionals around the world today. It motivates and inspires people to keep selling, the right way.

One method in which is taught by Alec Baldwin is the AIDA method. This method is actually a real method used by sales professionals and it wasn’t invented by the movie itself. It’s a simple sequential method that can easily be remembered and followed whenever you engage in a sales situation.

I’ve personally used AIDA method directly with my prospects and also when I sell online.

Here’s what AIDA stands for:


The first part of the sales process is to grab the prospect’s attention. The prospect is bombarded with so much distraction and information every single day, you have to grab their attention first. If you don’t grab their attention, you wont’ be able to move onto the sales presentation so attention is key.

You may also notice this on social media as well. When you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, you’re scrolling at warp speed. The only way to stop you in your tracks is either a photo that entices you to stop for a second and read the contents.

Therefore you must grab the prospects attention first. I always think about the Terminator. If the Terminator smashed through your door, he would have your complete attention.


The next part of the sales equation is to spark interest from the prospect. Once you’ve got their attention, you need to find out if they are interested or generate interest from them. You can ask various probing questions such as how much they spent for xxx or when was the last time they drove etc.

By asking probing questions, you can find solutions to their problems. Sales is simply solving other people’s problems and not so much the actual product. Many people fall into the trap that the product is the most important part of selling. It’s actually providing the right solution to their needs.

When you’ve asked several questions, you can generate interest through providing your solution. Most people who come to you and ask buying questions have demonstrated that they are interested already so that part of the equation doesn’t need to be worked on. You can move straight to the close.


Once you’ve got their interest, you move straight to the Decision phase which is encouraging them to decide on purchasing the product or service. This is also known as closing. Closing and selling are completely two different areas and people who know how to close make more money than people who just know how to present and sell.

Once you’ve persuaded them to make a decision, the final part is:


Get them to sign on the dotted line. This is the part which requires courage and guts to carry out. You’ll most likely hear a lot of rejections at this point such as I need more time, I need to ask someone etc. You have to know how to manage these objections and close. Most of the time, you simply physically point to the sign here section and give them the pen. That usually works.


AIDA is such as powerful method of selling and closing. It’s simple and easy to apply. Of course there are many other sales techniques out there but AIDA has always been proven to be one of the most reliable and effective methods of selling.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

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