How To Quit Facebook Without Deactivating It

If you’ve been reading my articles, you’ll know I’m a productivity fanatic. However there’s one topic I haven’t really spoken about which is my complete disdain of Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. However, it can be one major source of time wastage. If you’re not careful, you’ll become an addict like me and build the habit of constantly logging in and checking your Facebook.

I’ve spent many years trying to get rid of Facebook but it just keeps on drawing me back. Mainly because all my close friends are there and it’s such an easy way to stay connected with them. However, the biggest problem I have with Facebook is that it just takes up so much of my time. Time I could easily invest into something else.

So after reading Seneca’s book “On the Shortness of Life”, I finally made the move, once again and reduced Facebook into a small distraction muse.

Instead of deleting my Facebook account, do you want to know what I did? I unfollowed everyone and only kept 3 people in my news feed. That’s right. Out of the 3,334 “friends” I have, I now can only see 3 people in my news feed. So instead of logging in and being hosed away with a ton of useless information that gets me to click on this and that and suck up my time, I now scroll over the most important 3 people of my life and I’m done with Facebook in a matter of seconds. There’s no reason for me to log in again and check because those 3 people don’t post much on their wall so no need to keep checking in on them.

This was the biggest thing I’ve done with Facebook. I’ve struggled in the past of deleting my account but I have so many great pictures and friends on there I can’t do it. So the solution, simply unfollow everyone and keep 3 people.

Now you might be thinking. “Wait, they are following you and you’re not following them. Isn’t that immoral?” Well after years of using Facebook and following people out of courtesy, I finally realised this.

“Who do you value more? Your friends? Or Your life?”. I guess what really triggered this is from what I’m reading from Seneca. That book really opened my eyes on how important time is. We all guard our money so much but when it comes to time, we freely give it away to everyone.

We have it wrong. Life is made up on time and we can always make money back. However when it comes to time, we can NEVER get it back. Someone who is 10 years younger than you, they will AWLAYS be younger than you and no matter how much money you make, you’ll never be able to trade places with them.

Time is all it is. Facebook is the number 1 threat to your life so you must be so ruthless with your time for this is your life and you only have one shot at it.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he’s not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa’s work at

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