Here’s Why Sales Is The LifeBlood of Any Business

Nothing happens without a sale. No matter what you do, no matter how good your product us, you can not get anywhere without a sale. The product needs to be sold by a sales person and only then, things happen. Teams begin to move, projects begin to be executed and change happens.

It’s unfortunate that sales people are given a bad reputation. They are the front line people working hard to bring in revenue for a company which pays for everyone’s salary. Without sales, businesses will die.

But what about the sleazy sales men? Well unfortunately there’s always bad apples that ruin the party as with all industries but at the end, the cold hard truth is that you can not survive without sales.

If you’re a business owner you’ll know what I mean because your business depends entirely on sales. Ask any business owner and they will all agree that sales is the #1 important factor they need to survive.

So by understanding the importance of sales, it’s equally important to understand that it’s a skill that should be mastered. If you learn how to master the art of selling, you will never be without a job. Every company needs more sales and if you’ve demonstrated many years of experience then you’ll forever create your own economy and never be without work.

Technology will always change and if you’re in the IT development field, you’ll always need to upgrade your skills and compete against other people abroad. With sales, if you keep getting better and better at it, you’ll become a master and venture out into your own business and generate your own sales.

Looking back over my life, my dad was an excellent sales man. My dad used to work during the week at the casino as a supervisor. During the weekend, we would go to the markets and sell things from our garage. With the things my dad sold, this would be enough to pay for me and my brother’s “salary”.

I would forever be thankful for my dad’s sales skills and loving support for all those years.

Recently I started getting back into sales and teaching myself how to close deals. Just by applying only a few ideas and techniques, I was able to secure big contracts and also provide a better lifestyle for myself, all through learning how to sell.

I wish I learnt how to sell at an early age for I would of become a master by now and would be making bigger money.

Mark Cuban once said that if he were to do it all over again, he would get a job during the night as a bar tender and a day job in sales. With the skills and confidence in selling, he knows that he would easily hit 7 figures all over again and start his own business.

The moral of the story is that sales is not something to be seen as beneath you, it’s something that’s essential to your survival and achievement of your dreams.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he's not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa's work at

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