Grant Cardone – Playbook to Millions Your Guide To Prosperity Review

A few months ago, I was browsing the internet and came across and advertisement by Grant Cardone – Playbook to Millions.

I’ve seen his face on the internet a few times but never really knew who he was and by the looks of it, he looked like he had a large following.

I clicked on the link and read through the sales pitch which I was expecting a typical sales letter you see on the internet with a video / long sales letter.

Instead I saw a man sitting on his own private jet with the word “10x”. I remember listening to an audio cd a while ago called the 10x rule and I applied a few things from it with great results. I didn’t’ realise that it was from mr Grant Cardone AKA Uncle G but that’s how good my memory is.

Anyway, I was really impressed by what he was saying in his presentation, particularly through how Grant Cardone sold his course “Grant Cardone – Playbook to Millions”.

Grant Cardone Playbook to Millions

The video was only 2 minutes long and to be honest, I was mesmerised by how he sold his course. I’m so used to internet marketers pitching their long sales letters, 2 hour long video presentations starting with “Hi, my name is Bob and I’ve been on the internet for over 10 years until I stumbled upon… blah blah blah”.

I can tell that this guy was a true professional. I guess after being on the internet for so long, you get used to all the gimmicks and presentations you stop noticing the product and watch how the person sells.

That’s what got my attention, was that Grant’s effectiveness in selling me to buy his $1,000 course in his 2 minute video. You see, I’m used to opting into a box and then watching videos and reading material etc but this guy got my attention in a 2 minute video and a picture of his private jet.

I was curious and what set Grant Cardone apart from all he other people pitching their wealth creation courses is that he owned a jet, unlike the other internet marketers who simply gave compelling stories with no proof to backup their financial success.

I clicked on the buy button and bought the course.

2 weeks later, the course arrived in a nice box and was nicely printed and binded into a nice folder. I was impressed with the packaging and design.

Grant Cardone Play Book to Millions

Grant Cardone Play Book to Millions

Now came the content within, I quickly went through the the entire course by skim reading and looking through all the content, I was impressed again! It was packed with lots of info and loaded with unique content you won’t find in normal wealth creation books you see in the bookstore.

In this article, I’ll quickly share with you a few things I learnt from going through Grant Cardone’s Playbook to Millions course.

Please note, this will only be a quick summary, I may produce a longer article that would go into much detail because it is a great course but for now, this article will only cover some bullet points of what you will expect from the course.


  1. Personal Finances
  2. Creating A Millionaire Mindset
  3. How To Make Millions In Business
  4. Wealth Creation Formula
  5. Top Sales Secrets
  6. Secrets of Closing The Sale
  7. Follow Up – The Greatest Business Secret
  8. 10x Superlife
  9. 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
  10. Bonuses
Playbook to millions chapters

Playbook to millions chapters


Easy To Understand.

The course is laid out into several chapters, for example: personal finance, sales, millionaire mindset, how to close the sale, 10x super life etc. Instead of going through pages and pages of text and trying to summarise each main point, the course is laid out in separate pages where each key point is summarised on that one page.

For example, one of the principles outlined in this course is “Income Is King” which Grant Cardone talks about the importance of focusing on Income because you simply can not build wealth without it. Many people think that by saving money and focusing on budgeting ONLY, you become rich, that’s not the case.

You see, you can’t get anywhere without income, you can’t create wealth without income and you can never get rich without income. Therefore Grant Cardone talks about the importance of focusing the majority of your time focusing on income. That principle alone was worth the entire course in one page.

New Principles.

I’ve read hundreds of books on wealth creation and essentially, they are all the same. They cover budgeting, having a rich mindset and conquering your limiting beliefs etc.

However with Grant Cardone, being someone who is worth over 500 million, he talks differently than the rest of the other wealth creation “experts”. I was truly amazed by the new principles Grant talks about in his course. You’ll find a lot of gold nuggets everywhere in this course.

Grant Cardone's Wealth Creation Formula

Grant Cardone’s Wealth Creation Formula

Credible Advice.

This is a major reason why you should buy this course. Quite simply, Grant Cardone is credible and worthy of study in the field of wealth creation. Why? Because he owns a fricken jet worth 10 million and his other company is worth over 500 million.

Compare the knowledge Grant shares with you vs the other people teaching people how to get rich and you’ll see a major difference. Grant Cardone is credible and worthy of study.


Grant covers topics that will blow your mind away, not only that, he explains it in such a logical way that it’s so easy to implement. But course, just because it’s easy to understand, doesn’t mean it’s easy to apply on a CONSISTENT basis but that’s our responsibility as students of success.

Mindset Shift.

By going through the course, you’ll find that Grant Cardone will definitely change your mindset around getting rich, period. Like I’ve said before, I’ve read a lot of wealth creation books and most of them, are simply crap and a waste of time.

Some books will teach you the same thing which is save money, invest in mutual funds and retire rich. But with Grant Cardone’s course, he says it like it is and explains it in such a way that gets you really thinking.

I really have to commend Grant on how he put together the course. I can see that he has a great team behind him that created the designs, modules, videos and did some great editing. Well done.

Playbook to Millions

Playbook to Millions

The Complete Package.

Overall, the course by Grant Cardone – Playbook to Millions is a must buy if you ever want to create wealth in your life. It not only comes with a nice printed folder with great content, Grant gives you a wealth of online videos that support your learning.

To me, this was pure gold because not only you learn through reading, you learn through watching his videos.

Go buy the course, if money is your problem, think about what you’re spending your money on and whether that money has a chance to multiply into millions.

I highly recommend Grant Cardone’s Playbook to Millions course, check it out here.

5/5 chainsaws.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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