What Can Be Learned From The Movie Yes Man And How To Completely Transform Your Life

There is a fantastic movie called “Yes Man” featuring Jim Carey. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend for you to check it out for it’s really funny and you can actually learn a big lesson behind the movie.

The story begins with a guy named Carl Allen who’s life is going nowhere. His girlfriend has left him and he’s avoiding society and his best friends. He’s reached a point in life where he’s had enough and just says no to everything in life.

When his friends invite him out for drinks, he says no. When someone offers him an opportunity, he says no. He’s built the habit of saying no.

Carl works in a bank and one day while he is having lunch, his old friend Nick walks by. His friend Nick tells him all his wild stories of the past, he travelled all over the world, went to Laos, blew up a cow with a bazooka (even though he wasn’t proud of it) but he was happy that he did it.

He shares his secret, he’s a “Yes Man” and hands Carl a pamphlet inviting him to go to a seminar that will change his life.

Carl says no and continues on with his life until one day, he has a dream that his friends find him dead. He wakes up and decides to go to the seminar.

Carl goes to the seminar and runs into his friend Nick and they become acquainted again. The speaker shows up on stage and encourages everyone to say “Yes”. The audience applauds and you can tell there’s high energy coming from the crowd and following of this particular speaker.

The speaker asks the audience, who’s the new members in the seminar and Nick points to Carl, who is completely embarrassed infront of everyone.

The speaker runs right up to Carl and begins to interview him infront of everyone. Eventually says that Carl is dead, he has no life and he can’t even summon the energy to masturbate which Carl agrees.

Carl becomes a Yes man and the speaker makes a secret conevent to Carl saying that he has to say “yes” to any opportunity that comes his way. If he says “no” then he will attract bad luck, as you see in the movie.

Outside the seminar, as Carl is walking back to his car, a homeless person asks Carl if he can give him a lift across town. Carl is reluctant but his friend Nick pushes him to say “yes” and Carl says “yes”.

Carl drives the homeless man to the other side of town up a dark mountain and the homeless man asks to borrow 50 bucks. Carl gives him the 50 bucks and then the homeless man sees a lot of money in his other hand and jokingly ask for all of it. Carl, behind his restrained smile hands him the wad of cash to the homeless man and he leaves.

Carl’s car runs out of petrol and he begins to walk back down the mountain to a nearby petrol station in the middle of the night.

While he’s pouring petrol into a container, a young lady drives into the petrol station and fills up her motorbike. They have a conversation and get along.

The girl offers to drive Carl back to his car and Carl says “yes”. The girl is carrying a camera that prints out photos and is randomly taking photos of them two.

They get to the car and Carl refills his car with petrol. They both have a conversation and the girl kisses Carl and gives him the photo of them two and she leaves.

Carl smiles and realises that the word “Yes” always leads to something good.

Throughout the movie, Carl says yes to everything and you see how his life unfolds for the better. He travels, explores different opportunities, helps a suicide victim, learns Korean and more.

What Can We Learn From The Movie Yes Man

There are many things we can learn from the movie “Yes Man” and how it can impact our lives.


When Carl says “no” to all the opportunities that came his way, this is because he built a habit of saying “no” thus it’s an automatic response mechanism. When you do something for a long period of time, it simply becomes a habit and by saying no all the time, you neglecting a ton of great opportunities even though they don’t look good on the outside.

To avoid missing out on great opportunities, practice saying “yes” to them and trying new things. This will break the “no” pattern and ensure you’re still open to new opportunities.

No Fear

When Carl began saying “yes” to many things that came his way, he built more courage and confidence in his abilities. This lead to him having no fear and he jumped on a flight with his girlfriend to go to a random place.

When you say “yes” to many things, you expand your comfort zone and develop a “no fear” attitude towards life.



It’s clearly evident that when you say “no” to many thanks, you’re saying no to life. You’re saying no to opportunities and you’re shutting the door on the best life has to offer even though it may not look like it.


When Carl says “no” to many things, his life became boring and full of routine. When he said “yes” to many things, he experienced so much more out of life. He learnt how to speak Korean, play the guitar, see different bands and meet his girlfriend.


The movie “Yes Man” teaches us that we should always be open to new things and ideas for we really never know what’s on the other side. It’s so easy to say no to things and not do them but this is extremely dangerous for if it becomes a habit, you’ll lose out on what life has to offer.

Keep your mind open and say yes to the things that come your way, within reason of course.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

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