How To Become A Man through Man Transformation

James-Bond-smokingDavid DeAngelo is a dating guru who created the course Man Transformation. This is a huge course that covers a ton of material that teaches you the inner game of becoming a man.

I went through this course several years ago and I still use some of the principles today.

Working on your inner self is a lifelong journey and I believe that as a man, continual self development is needed for higher life fulfilment.

Through becoming a man, you achieve all sorts of things in life that span across your Health, Wealth and relationships.

Results Of Man Transformation

Attracting women is simply a byproduct of attaining true man transformation.

Women can really select and identify who is the true man in the room by observing you. There are a ton of dating courses out there that teaches you how to attract women but there are not that many courses that covers your inner game.

I believe that if you master your inner game, your outworld will change.

In this video, I’ll share with you my favourite key principles in David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation course.

The 3 Principles of Man Transformation

Principle 1 – In order to become a man, the boy must die.

As we grow up, us boys never went through any sort of ritual to become a man.

This ritual seems to have been lost over the past few decades for men have become wimpy and not taking the lead.

You’ve probably seen this in the modern world today. Men have become emasculated while women are taking more of a leadership role today.

For example, if you’ve seen the movie 300, you’ll know that the spartans were one of the most powerful soldiers in ancient Greece. The reason is because they were trained at a very young age. They left their mothers at age 12 and trained how to kill, defend themselves and survive in the wild.

The weakest will die and the strong always survives. As a result, Spartans had become one of the most strongest and powerful soldiers in ancient greece.

Therefore in order for you to become a man, the boy must die.

Principle 2 – The 3 Brains. 

David DeAngelo covers an interesting principle called the 3 brains. By understanding the 3 brains, we understand why we do what we do and become conscious of our decisions.

He states that we all have 3 brains

    • Reptile Brain
    • Mammalian Brain
    • Thinking Brain

1. The Reptile Brain

The reptile brain is all about the core animal drives that men have. This brain has the basic instincts of survival and reproduction.

For example, we are just out of control when we are trying to sleep with a woman.  We just want to grab her and … you get the picture.

2. The Mammalian Brain

The Mammalian Brain is all about seeking acceptance. We strive for significance and power.

We try to own material possessions that showcase our status in life. We see many people doing this in life, buying nice cars, wearing nice clothes and wearing bling.

3. The Thinking Brain

The thinking brain is all about logic. We use this brain when we are trying to solve complex problems and situations.

This brain also doesn’t seem to work whenever you’re doing some sort of exam but that’s a different story.

These three brains are in chaos and always fighting against each other.


Principle 3 – 5 P’s of Gravity

Finally in this principal, David D covers the 5 p’s of gravity. What David D teaches is that women will orbit a man who is grounded. Women are attracted to strong men who have a purpose in life.

Therefore David D gives us 5 key points for men to remember in order to stay grounded.

1. Poise.

Do you have strong body posture and physical strength?

2. Passion.

Are you doing something that you are passionate about?

3. Presence.

Are you present in the moment at all times?

4. Purpose.

Are you on your life purpose and moving towards your own ambitions?

5. Persistence.

Are you persistent in going after the things you want?


By remembering these 5 p’s of gravity, you will always stay grounded no matter what happens around you. Finally I would like to leave you a quote from the course.


“Remember, women are the ocean. Men are the ships.”


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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he’s not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa’s work at

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