Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone Book Review

Grant Cardone is one of my greatest mentors in the field of sales, business and personal success. I’ve been following Grant Cardone for over a year now and I can guarantee that his teachings has directly influenced my bank account.

For example, I first picked up a copy of the Playbook To Millions course where I paid full price. It came with a course called “Secrets to Closing The Sale” which teaches you Grant’s techniques of closing deals over the past 30 years.

Grant Cardone started selling at the age of 25. Prior to that, he was involved in drugs, financial debt and was going no where. Today he’s worth half a billion dollars, flying private (his own jet), owns over 5,000 apartments and a loving father with children.

So when I picked up his course in Secrets to Closing the Sale, I immediately applied it in my life. During that time, I was working in a large organisation managing the team in Australia. I was also responsible for selling our products and services. I applied one of the key principles in Grant’s course and as a result, I was able to make $30,000 from one deal.

Since then I’ve been immersing myself into Grant’s material and continue to reap great rewards.

His book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” is a game changer. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt from his book is that it’s ok to be obsessed towards your goals. There’s nothing wrong with it. Society will frown on people who seem obsessed and passionate towards their goals. It seems that people have been brainwashed to thinking that going after success and being obsessed with it is a bad thing.

People automatically think that rich people are greedy and scam the world. So with that thinking, they end up being poor because they have those beliefs and don’t want to get rich because it will make them into a bad person.

Same goes with success. By thinking that being obsessed is a bad thing, you will never achieve success. If you analyse successful people, they clearly demonstrate passion and obsession towards their goals. When they achieve their goals, their family and loved ones benefit as well. Living underneath a bridge doesn’t help anyone and doesn’t make you more humble.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. If you want true success and achievement, grab a copy of the book here and master it. Grant is the real deal and has the minerals.

Stay Strong and Be Relentless.

Khoa Bui

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Author: Khoa Bui

Khoa Bui is an author, trainer and chief editor of YouBeRelentless. He enjoys reading books on self development, success, productivity, money, relationships and leadership. When he’s not writing, he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine with a fine cuban cigar while watching the entire season of Entourage. You can check out Khoa’s work at

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