How To Achieve Your Goals Using The Weekly Rhythm Register by Darren Hardy

Firstly before we dive into the weekly rhythm register, I would like to commend Darren Hardy for producing one of the greatest books of all time and has influenced many people around the world including myself – “The Compound Effect”. If you haven’t read it, I highly urge you to go and buy it right now, don’t wait.

The Compound Effect is one of those books that is truly life changing and you will see results only if you apply it. A lot of books out there claim to “transform” your life, but they mostly cover theory with no practical application or credentials to back them up.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

I first read the Compound Effect about 6 years ago when I was on my journey of achieving six pack abs. I was overweight at the time (90 kilos) and I was desperate in trying to lose weight fast. I searched online and bought courses on healthy eating and how to work out.

A few months later, I managed to bring my weight down from 90 kilos to 68 kilos giving me nice abs I can slice cheese with. It was then I was reading the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy that I realised that I had applied the principles in his book to get me six pack abs.

I wrote an article and created a video based on the Compound Effect, you can read and watch it here.

The Weekly Rhythm Register

One of the most profound principles behind the compound effect is the tool he uses called “The Weekly Rhythm Register”.

Basically the idea behind the compound effect is that that it’s the small choices that we make that add up to your waistline, your wallet and your relationships.


How your daily habits affect your life long term.

How your daily habits affect your life long term.


Let’s say you were to eat a big burger for lunch, nothing will happen to you at that moment. However if you were to fast forward 3,5,10 years of eating burgers every day, you’ll die of a heart attack.

If you were to ignore your wife today, nothing will happen to you at that moment except you probably won’t get laid, however fast forward that habit for many years and you’re in the brink of divorce.

If you were to slack off at work, nothing will happen to you but do that for a long period of time, you’ll lose your job and at risk of losing your house.

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect works both ways. If you do a certain habit it can potentially have a negative or positive affect on your life.

The trick is finding the habit that will have a positive affect in your life.

Imagine if you read a few pages a day from a good book that will improve your life in finances, health and relationships? Where will you be after 5 years of reading a hundred books? Your life will improve dramatically!

The compound effect of daily habits

The compound effect of daily habits

Where would you be if you ate clean and exercised on a regular basis after 5 years? You’ll lose weight, keep it off and avoid a major health scare and maybe even cancer.

Where would you be if you spent quality time with your loved ones after 5 years? Your marriage and relationships would strengthen with moments of magic.

The Weekly Rhythm Register does exactly that. It lets you track the amount of times you do a certain activity and measures your progress towards your goals.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Based on the hundreds of books I’ve read on personal development, this one method of tracking your progress is the crucial step in achieving what it is you want.

We can all talk about how we should exercise, save money and spend time with your wife, but if you’re not tracking it, you don’t know whether you’re making progress.

Anyone can save $1, walk for 10 minutes and spend a few minutes with our loved ones but not that many people have systems in place that ensures you do that on a consistent basis.

My Story behind The Weekly Rhythm Register

I started applying The Weekly Rhythm Register a few years ago after I learnt about the Compound Effect. Due to a string of bad luck, I went through some financial difficulty and lost my business and my life savings. I actually hit rock bottom and had a pile of bills that I needed to pay but no money in the bank.

I was also 30 days away from losing my house.

Financial struggle

Financial struggle

It was then I made a decision to dig my way out of the financial mess I put myself in and back into the light. Every day, I looked at the pile of problems I had to solve and make one step towards solving that one problem. Every day I just worked and chipped away at the mountain of problems I had. Whether it was a phone call, an email, paying a small chunk of the bill or delaying it, I did whatever it takes to move one inch closer to the finish line.

I couldn’t smile because I was miserable and terrified at the same time but I just kept on chipping away at the mountain of bills I had.

Fast forward only 10 months later, from nothing in the bank, 30 days away from losing my house and no income, I managed to be making over 6 figures, rebuilt my emergency fund which was enough to cover an entire year of expenses, I paid off all my bills and solved all the urgent problems I had.

From nothing in the bank to earning over 100k in 10 months...

From nothing in the bank to earning over 100k in 10 months…

All from the principles of the Compound Effect and the Weekly Rhythm Register.

During that time I was going through massive adversity and immense fear, it was the Compound Effect and Weekly Rhythm Register and of course the love and support of my family that pulled me out of that mess and put me into a better situation.

I’m sharing that story not to brag but to prove to you that it works.

So how do you apply the Weekly Rhythm Register?

You start by listing your big 3 goals. Darren Hardy once said that if you have more than 3 priorities, you have no priorities. Thus if you have more than 3 big goals, you have no goals so therefore you must pick 3 big goals for your life.

It could be anything, it could be to write your first book, travel overseas to your dream destination or get that dream job you’ve always wanted.

Next you break down that big goal down to 2-3 steps that you can take everyday to get you closer to achieving your goal.

Weekly Rhythm Register Sample

Weekly Rhythm Register Sample

For example, if your big goal is to write your first book, the steps it would take to finish writing your book would be to write a few pages a day or per week until it was complete.

If your goal is to travel overseas but you don’t have the money, it would be to save a certain amount per week until you have enough to pay for the trip.

If your goal is to land that dream job, the steps you would need to take is to write your resume, build the skills and apply for those jobs.

Once you’ve identified the steps you need to take on a consistent basis, you enter this into your Weekly Rhythm Register and track it.

To write a 300 page book, you would need to write maybe 20 pages per week, at the end of 15 weeks, you would finish your book.

To travel overseas, you would need to save about $2,000. If you saved $300 per week, you’ll have enough money to travel overseas in 8 weeks.

To land your dream job, you would need to send over 200 resumes to that type of job and attend over 30 interviews until that one person says yes.

I know it sounds so simple but it’s usually the simple things that makes it complicated for us to take action. We tend to overthink things and make them complicated.

I’m telling you, that’s all there is to it to achieve your goals. Figure out your big 3 goals, break it down into 2 or 3 steps that you can take on a consistent basis and track it until it’s complete.

That is the beauty of the Weekly Rhythm Register. You can download a copy of it by going to and getting a copy of his book The Compound Effect.

Finally I would like to leave you a quote from Darren Hardy.

Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy

“Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every single day.”

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